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CRX View & Download

Open and view .crx file online, download directly from Chrome Web Store

What Can Do acts as online Extractor, source code Viewer, file Converter and Downloader for Browser Extension(.crx/.xpi/.nex) - helps you extract, view, convert and download all kinds of browsers(Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera) extension/add-ons.

extract, view and download Firefox Add-ons(.xpi)

View Source Code Online

View source code(demo: view the source code of a Chrome .crx file) of any Chrome extensions, Firefox add-ons, Opera add-ons, Microsoft Edge Add-ons(.crx/.nex/.xpi) from the Chrome Web Store or the corresponding browser extension/add-on/plugin marketplace, without installing it.

extract, view and download Microsoft Edge Add-ons(.crx)

Download Browser Extension Files

With the help of, you can easily get the extension files(demo: download a Chrome .crx file) of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera as their original format(.crx/.nex/.xpi), or as a .zip file by clicking the Download button, and then you can easily install offline.

extract, view and download Opera Add-ons(.crx)

Open and View Local Files

You can not only select to upload a .crx/.nex/.xpi file from your disk to unzip, open and view source code online, but also upload or drag in any .zip/.docx/.xlsx/.pptx file to extract and view source codes. In addition, you can always convert the extension file to a .zip file.

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Powerful File Viewer & Code Reader

After the extension file has been extracted, the in-built File/Code Viewer empowers you with a better reading experience, including Automatic Code Beautification/Formatting, Syntax Highlighting, Image Preview, File Hashing(md5, sha1, sha256, sha384, sha512), and many other powerful functionalities.